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  • Gallery Administrator on 2011-Feb-02 01:04:35 Gallery Administrator said

    Man wearing watch.
  • Milady on 2012-Aug-18 00:27:25 Milady said

    There is a gap between what chdliren ought to do, including which role models they should follow, and what they actually do in the age of omnipresent television. Some pro sports, including baseball, already demand a high standard of dress and behavior of the players, on and off the field, and forbidding chawing on the field would not be a far reach. It's also not surprising that politicians seek publicity for doing good on both sides of the aisle. But I doubt that anything would ever come of such a ban since the chawing is not advertising and not an item of interstate commerce. It must be in same legal category as blowing bubble gum.
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